The Caucus Salvadoreno Empresarial, Inc.

The CSE Scholarship Program provides critical assistance for Latino high school and college students.

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CSE has worked very hard in the unification of fortification of the strengthening of working relationships with other business entrepreneurs, professionals.



1. Benefits of Becoming a Corporate Sponsor of the Caucus Salvadoreno Empresarial Inc.
2. Advantages of Becoming a Sponsor for a Non-profit

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Benefits of Becoming a Corporate Sponsor of the Caucus Salvadoreno Empresarial Inc.

Communication Materials: Brochures, invitations, flyers, postcards, newsletters, informational packets, websites, social media, e-blasts, etc. Public Relations: Press releases and campaigns, press events, photo opportunities Advertising Opportunities: Print, Radio, TV, Outdoor , Web-Based Onsite Visibility: Pre-Event, Post-Event, Official Category designation in networking events, us of logo or trademarked name Deeper Access with Audience: Hospitality opportunities, special offer and networking opportunities Mission Related: Areas of expertise, proprietary services or programs, enriched connection to philanthropic connections

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Advantages of Becoming a Sponsor for a Non-profit

Increased Visibility and Revenue: In exchange for a financial donation, the company's name and logo are included in all mailings, advertisements, and promotional material produced by the nonprofit. In some cases, large donations may result in property being named in the company's honor (library, park, conference room, etc). The increased visibility of a company's name, logo leads to increased brand recognition throughout the Washington D.C metropolitan area. An easily recognized brand makes closing sales all the more effortlessly. Increased sales equals increased revenue.

Charitable Image: When businesses donate to a worthy local cause, such as those that fight for equality, education, and/or provide human resources, its image is often enhanced in the public's perception. No longer considered as simply a profit seeking corporation, a business' investment in the community signals a commitment and concern for its neighbors. Many consumers making purchasing decisions based upon this quality. Residents of a community will often show favor to local businesses.

Perks: It is not uncommon for perks to be obtained by your corporation who will sponsor our charitable organization. Your business may donate to assist in the production of our nonprofit agency's benefit gala. In return, the corporation will receive tickets to the event, where you and your staff, friends, cohorts can enjoy our multicourse dinner at the extravagant and luxurious Mayflower Hotel. Gala attendees will receive gift bags filled with unique assortment of items that are indigenous to our culture and cause. This will also be a valuable opportunity to provide any promotional products your business may have that can be included in the gift bags that will be distributed to our 250 plus guests.

Our demographic target population that attends our gala event are divided into two groups: young professionals aged 25-35, and established business owners with a trajectory of of 10 years if business in the respective industries of construction, consumer goods and services, automotive , food and beverage, housing & real estate, printing an publishing, telecommunications & media and lastly transportation & logistics. In addition, you get to meet and greet with our local politicians, TV and Radio personalities. There is also our special cocktail networking quarterly events in which you and a guest may enjoy our complimentary food and drink receptions. This will provide your donating firm with opportunities for further business development, property, and public recognition and acknowledge of your company's services and stance in the community.  Back to Top