The Caucus Salvadoreno Empresarial, Inc.

The CSE Scholarship Program provides critical assistance for Latino high school and college students.

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CSE has worked very hard in the unification of fortification of the strengthening of working relationships with other business entrepreneurs, professionals.


Business Programs

EMPOWER – Educational Program

In 2014 CSE launched its first series of workshops and seminars led and conducted by professional consultants, local business entrepreneurs, and leading professionals in respective fields such as accounting, law, insurance, real estate, marketing, financial advisors. Our premiere program provide unmatched leadership, professional and personal development prospectus to participants who encounter mostly one-on –one coaching and a personalized assistance with the development and execution of the opening of a new business or the further development of an existing business.

CONNECT – Convening Leaders to Mentor and Showcase Positive Images as Contributing Members of Society

Our ultimate goal and mission is to provide an open forum that serves as a bridge to foster and encourage the growth and development of civic duty, solidarity, the spirit of entrepreneurialism and unity. This is accomplished by providing an unlimited and unmatched exposure for not only the youth of today but also for the men and women who spend laborious hours to achieve the American dream.

By creating a network of existing and up and coming Hispanic entrepreneurs, we are able to slowly close the gap or break the “glass ceiling” that many Hispanics struggle to face and endure when trying to establish alliances and partnerships with national and local government leaders , corporate America, non-profit organizations and other public or private enterprises. A vital objective of CSE is to provide a positive image and raise the visibility for the many contributions of Latinos to our great nation.