The Caucus Salvadoreno Empresarial, Inc.

The CSE Scholarship Program provides critical assistance for Latino high school and college students.

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CSE has worked very hard in the unification of fortification of the strengthening of working relationships with other business entrepreneurs, professionals.


Our Mission

The purposes of CSE, Inc shall include the following:

  • To establish an organization united and recognizing the achievements and aspirations of those individual organizations, association, non-profit organizations, enterprises, and corporations led and/or owned by Salvadorans in the United States.
  • To showcase the fact that Salvadorans in the United States provide not only essential labor services in this country, but also include business and organizations led by Salvadorians who have generated and continue to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in sales, income, taxes and employment benefiting the Salvadoran community residing in the United States, thereby contributing to the growth and prosperity of this country.
  • To provide a unique forum for the Salvadoran business and entrepreneurial community within the United States to promote local, national, and hemispheric alliance to enhance the well being of Salvadorans in this country.
  • To establish a unique social environment within which CSE members and their families and friends can come together to share and enjoy the fruits of their achievements within American society.
  • To publicize the fact Salvadorans and other Latinos are integral part of U.S. society and have contributed and continue to contribute in a positive way to the health, wealth, tax base and welfare of this country.
  • To demonstrate that the American dream is shared and built upon by recent immigrants, such as Salvadorians and other Latinos, who believe in democracy, the rule of law, and the founding principles of this great country.

The goals of CSE, Inc. shall include the following;

  • To establish a social club composed of prominent members of the Salvadorian business and entrepreneurial community who have achieved and have demonstrated the highest standards of merit in their endeavors.
  • To enable the formation of a permanent alliance of organizations and enterprises sharing common goals and objectives which for too long has been neglected and ignored.
  • To provide a showcase to recognize and honor the positive achievements of our members.
  • To strength our forces to provide a strong single voice for the aspirations of our community in the United States.
  • To serve as a link of opportunity between our members and American society.
  • To serve as an effective advocate and champion for the thousands of our brothers and sisters who are immigrants, who live in fear and reduced circumstances, and who have no voice.