The Caucus Salvadoreno Empresarial, Inc.

The CSE Scholarship Program provides critical assistance for Latino high school and college students.

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CSE has worked very hard in the unification of fortification of the strengthening of working relationships with other business entrepreneurs, professionals.



About Us

Board of Directors

The Caucus Salvadoreno Empresarial, Inc. was founded in 2007 in Washington D.C. by a small group of local prominent Salvadoran American business entrepreneurs, for the purpose of better representing a united Latino constituency across the District of Columbia, Maryland and, Virginia. Latino's today, in particular, Salvadoran Americans, represent over 66% of the population residing in the DMV. Statistically speaking, in the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria-DC-VA-MD-WVA Salvadoran immigrants represent approximately 134,281 or 12.3 percent.

In a nation where one in three children is Latino and more than 90% of Latino children are native born, success must include prepared Latino leaders. The young Latin demographics fuel the new projections from the Bureau of Labor statistics, which predict that Hispanics will account for 74% of the growth in the nation's labor force from 2010-2020, a much higher rate than in the previous two decades. CSE's effort to develop Latino leaders directly affects the future workforce and our nation's ability to meet the workforce challenges of the 21st century.

As a community based 501 © 3 nonprofit organization, we seek to acknowledge the aspirations and triumphs of those individuals, organizations, associations, non-profits, public and private corporations and enterprises led and/or owned by Hispanics in the United States. CSE is committed to supporting activities that enhance and serve all communities in the DMV metropolitan areas. Thus, CSE endorses businesses and organizations led by the Hispanic population that is contributing to make this country successful by generating revenues in sales, income tax, and by creating a new market of jobs and employment prospects. In addition, CSE is an active vehicle for philanthropic endeavors conducted in the United States as well as our native land of El Salvador. These organizations promote the physical and mental well-being of Hispanics by providing essential services. Community involvement and volunteerism are an integral component of CSE's charitable culture and values.

CSE serves as an information clearinghouse to Caucus members and nonmembers alike. By forming alliances with governmental officials from the DMV, establishing partnerships with prestigious organizations (such as the Latino Student Fund and the DC Office on Latino Affairs), CSE is able to provide DMV's Hispanic communities a sense of solidarity amongst our Latino brothers and sisters. Nevertheless, CSE will always safeguard the interests of all Latinos not only those of Salvadoran descent.

CSE seeks to develop the next generation of Latino Leaders with a clear vision of a strong America made possible with the many contributions of educated and civic-minded Latino leaders engaged in contributing to all aspects of US society. This vision is founded on three cornerstones for success: Education attainment and college access, leadership development programs in DC, and access to a powerful network of Latino leaders both local and national scale.

By promoting education attainment and college access, providing unmatched career development, experience, and offering leadership programs that connect program participants to the most powerful network of leaders from the DMV metropolitan areas. With its comprehensive approach to the leadership development, CSE directly influences the lives of nearly (# of students) through its Scholarship Program in the DMV and in El Salvador. For our aspiring and current business entrepreneurs we developed a series of workshops and seminars geared toward the businesses of industry in which there is a prevalent amount of Hispanics embarking upon. Our program is called the Small Business Educational Program.